Warlords of Wor Update

So I came to the shocking realization that it has been a fortnight and a half (approximately) since my last update regarding the most cavalierly badassedly cool mini-comics series I happen to co-write.  So much excellence has taken place in the meantime.

Well, as of now, the first two issues have been published as a flip book and was released at the ManOrMonster? Booth at C2E2 2013. Two comics for the price of one!!

The first issue was written by myself and Brandon Michael Barker and featured the impeccable artwork of Cory Hamscher (Supreme) on pencils & inks with Sean Forney (Scarlet Huntress) on colors. Crank, in turn, did the lettering.  The result, if nothing else, was this stunning splash page of Bog-Nar.  This first issue is now currently available through the wonderful digital comics site, Thrillbent, as part of the Mini-Comics Included selection, which includes work by such great creators as Tim Seeley, Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, Brent Schoonover, Sean Dove, and Kyle Latino.

BogNar Splash

Warlords of Wor: The Mutant Muck Menace

The second issue, which was released with the first as part of the convention exclusive flip book, is a story about Clawbber. It involves his history, a return home to battle and protect his demons, and how he gained his gold-plated smash-fists. The entire interior artwork is stunningly rendered by Brian Level (The Brothers James).  He adds such beautiful eloquence and realism to the piece, and he is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.

Ghosts of Tohoco

Warlords of Wor: The Ghosts of Tohoco

Now, we also have our third book finished, lovingly titled, The Pride of the Guerrillax, and features the origin story of Beastor 9, one of the villains in the series. This book was again written by myself and Brandon, but features complete art by the one, the only, the magnificent Tom Scioli (Godland, American Barbarian).  It has been almost a year since I was first introduced to the creations of Scioli, when I was recommended to read American Barbarian (sidenote: If you haven’t read American Barbarian, rectify that problem in your life here). It completely altered my perceptions of what comic book creation could be and it was truly an honor to work with him. His art in our book is so stupefyingly divine, I cannot wait for everyone to see it.  Here is a murderous teaser of Beastor 9 breaking free of shackles:


Warlords of Wor: The Pride of the Guerrillax

The Pride of Guerrillax will be released sometime in December through Thrillbent. So make sure you catch that. If you are interested in purchasing the first two issues in print, they are currently available through ManOrMonster?’s webstore.  We are currently in the process of getting art for our fourth issue with a confirmed artist that will cause gaskets to go kaput. Also, we are looking in the future to turning Warlords into an ongoing through a publishing company, but that is a long couple miles down the old dirt road. This is all I have for you today, so relax and view upon this gorgeous picture of the first four toys in the action figure line, also available through ManOrMonster?’s webstore, to limited quantities.


Hope to see you all soon,